• Shambhala School

    Shambhala School

    Come and learn in ENGLISH or SPANISH

    SUSTAINABLE LIVING in semi-arid climates
    GOURMET vegetarian food

    1 Day or 1 Week…?

What We Offer



Inglés / Español
Con tus profes, nativos, titulados expertos

Pasarás una semana viviendo en el cielo.

Aprenderás sobre…
– Comida gourmet, sana vegetariana
– Permacultura /vida sostenible y especial foco en tierras de secano
– Meditación

Vivirás en la caravana. 2 plazas (posibilidad familia con niños)



Si solo tienes un día o mucha curiosidad
Cada domingo tenemos puertas abiertas.

de 10 a 17, pasarás un día con nosotros
Incluye, Comida y refrigerio + 1 taller a elegir de esta temática
– Permacultura (vida sostenible)
– Comida vegetariana
– Meditación

Precio 35
Plazas limitadas (descuento por grupo o familia)



Mira nuestra tienda

Ambos somos autores de un libro (y más que vienen en camino)
David es profesor online de:
– Meditación
– Lengua inglesa
Casi todos nuestros talleres tienen opción online.


  • Lauren

    Organic English was a spectacular adventure in wellness for me!
    I would recommend it to anyone looking for an opportunity for a quiet and beautiful place to refresh your mind and spirit.
    The best thing about the retreat is that I learned some day-to-day practices that I have taken home with me and have already made a positive difference in my life. I especially enjoyed the sitting meditation instruction and raw chocolate workshop.

    Considering that I got personalized, one-on-one workshops, top-of-the line quality food, and got to adventure in one of the most beautiful places in the world – I’d say Organic English was a bargain, and absolutely worth the cost.

  • Antonio

    Puedo deciros después de que ha pasado un tiempo desde que tuve la oportunidad de convivir con vosotros, que sin lugar a dudas ha supuesto un cambio en mi vida.. como bien deciais son muchas “semillas” (semillas de crecimiento personal las llamaría), algunas crecerán.. sólo con que germinen algunas ya es una pasada. en casi dos meses desde que fui, no hay dia que no os tenga presente de alguna forma. sin duda repetire.. muchas gracias familia.

  • Lauren

    I found the retreat to be flexible and relaxed enough to really enjoy the experience, while being structured enough to feel like I was learning and growing. David and Celia are gentle but deeply knowledgeable and committed guides, and I genuinely enjoyed living in their world for a few days. As a newish mom, I also benefitted from having discussions about parenting and observing their calm family dynamic. I would love to return with my partner and baby, and would recommend Organic English to families.

    I LOVED the mostly raw, local, and organic diet and certainly never went hungry. Celia and David were generous about discussing recipes, cooking techniques, and nutrition.

  • Caro

    Staying with you was a celebration of senses and a celebration of love to life.

    I learned a lot about the effect of food to the system of my child: not drinking milk and living without sweets really changed his digestion in a positive way. After our time in the Alpujarra we changed our eating habits in the way of having less sweets and have milk without lactose.

    In the evening when the children were in bed and we were not to tired (;-) we had mediation and deep conversations about the sense of life and the existence of free will. David gave the philosphical backround and recommended books and Celia broke things down to me as an individual vulnerable searching person.
    You two are an incredible team in giving space and keeping someone grounded at the same time.